Investing in your kitchen is a great way to add value to your home!  Refreshing your kitchen’s backsplash design will give instant appeal.  These are our favorite tile backsplash designs from Marazzi.

Crystal Stone in Breeze

Crystal Stone in Breeze, Marazzi

Glass Tile

Marazzi Tile Backsplash Design

Crane Beach, Marazzi

Give your kitchen a modern touch with glass tile.  Neutral tones keep your design transitional, so you can update details as trends change.  Glass tile is a cost effective and easy to clean!

Marazzi Backsplash Design

Crystal Stone in Caramel, Marazzi


Crystal Stone in Caramel, Marazzi

Glazed Porcelain Backsplash Design

We love the Campione collection from Marazzi.  Marazzi makes assembling your mosaic backsplash design easy!  Explore mosaic backsplash designs with assistance from A. A. I. Flooring’s design team in-store.  Browse Marazzi’s backsplash design gallery here.

Backsplash Design

Campione in Andretti, Marazzi

Backsplash Design Marazzi

Campione in Andretti, Marazzi

Metal Mania:  Backsplash Accents

Backsplash Design

Line Dot Pewter Accent, Marazzi

Backsplash Accents Marazzi

Accentuate your backsplash designs with decorative accents.  We love the Line Dot Pewter accent from Marazzi’s Metal Mania collection.  Adding an accent to your tile design is a great way to give your decor an original flourish.  A. A. I. Flooring’s design team is here to assist you with your kitchen design.  We offer Marazzi tile in-store and can help select the product best for your kitchen renovation.