A. A. I. Flooring proudly offers Earthwerks Flooring products.  We love Earthwerks for their sustainable, luxury materials.  Give your home a makeover inspired by nature with Earthwerks Flooring products!

NEW: Luxury Waterproof Core Collection, Earthwerks

Earthwerks:  Tuff Shield

Are your floors protected?  Many of the Earthwerks LVT products are created with Tuff Shield.  Tuff Shield is a method that adds extra strength to the urethane protectant.  This provides additional resistance to the normal wear and tear of everyday life.  Personally, we think this is one of the best finishes in the flooring industry.

Inspired by Nature

Sherbrooke® WATERPROOF WPC collection, Earthwerks Flooring

Did you know Earthwerks Flooring’s products are inspired by nature?  Give your home a touch of nature’s beauty during your next home improvement project with Earthwerks.  Earthwerks products are available in a variety of designs and colors to fit your design.

2Sherbrooke® WATERPROOF WPC collection, Earthwerks Flooring

Go Green:  Sustainable Products

3Sherbrooke® WATERPROOF WPC collection, Earthwerks Flooring

 It’s time to go green!  Earthwerks has such a wide variety of flooring products, it’s easy to incorporate sustainable products into your design.  We love that Earthwerks Flooring is committed to protecting the environment.  Learn more on their Facebook here.

Chocolate Mandolin (DRB 926), Earthwerks Flooring