At AAI Flooring, we do our best to stay in style with all the recent flooring trends. A new trend in flooring that is picking up speed for 2018 is Parquet Hardwood. Parquet Hardwood flooring has geometric designs or unique patterns. The word Parquet comes from the french language and means  “a small compartment.”

Something Light

This style of flooring can be used in any part of the home. Our favorite is in the kitchen!

Darker Tones

Choosing a darker tone flooring can also bring a little depth to a room. The patterns in the wood stand out a lot more with a darker wood stain.

Mixing Flooring

Mix matching Parquet Hardwood is fun! The geometric shapes make it easy to explore other flooring to make your home more unique and fit your needs.

Mixing Style and Shade

To personalize Parquet Hardwood flooring, imagine your own design for the room you are trying to improve. Mix different shades to add a rustic feel.

Find Inspiration

This style of flooring can be a lot o fun. We have a lot of fun coming up with patterns and designs using the different styles of Parquet flooring. Another popular trend this year is grey flooring!

Boston Celtics Fans?

In 2015 the Boston Celtics introduced their fans to a new hardwood floor. This floor uses the Parquet style. Not often seen from far away, but when taking a close look we can really appreciate the hard work that was put into placing the wood.

Parquet Hardwood floors is a great way to update your home for 2018. If you are looking to update your home in the Orange Ct area, stop by our store and we will walk you through all of the newest flooring trends.