Remodeling a kitchen can transform the feel of your entire home!  Give your home a modern update with fresh flooring and beautiful tile accents.

Rustic Legacy in Sandcastle Oak Mohawk Flooring

Rustic Legacy in Sandcastle Oak, Mohawk Flooring

We love the sleek marble accents, light hardwood flooring and white details in this kitchen.  Ask A. A. I. Flooring for assistance with your kitchen design today!  We can assist with selecting the exact materials for your interior and budget, as well as installation.

Flooring Renovation


Flair Collection, Mirage Floors

Mirage Floors’ quality hardwood flooring ensures that your kitchen floors will look sleek for years to come.  Hardwood flooring works wonderfully in any interior, from traditional to modern.  If you have a small space, consider opting for lighter hardwood flooring; for more of a traditional take, try a deeper wood grain.


Hardwood Flooring from Mirage Floors

Tile Details

When selecting tile for your kitchen design, take a closer look!  Both glass tile and ceramic tile can feature wonderful details that will set your backsplash apart.


Bella Muro, Glazzio Tiles

The Bella Muro collection from Glazzio Tiles is even more beautiful in person.  Individually, the tiles are stunning, and together they will definitely draw attention.  Selecting the perfect grout will enhance your design.

Tender Harbor Series, Glazzio Tiles

Tender Harbor Series, Glazzio Tiles

The Tender Harbor Series has a textured appearance which would juxtapose wonderfully with sleek chrome appliances.  This collection would work wonderfully in a traditional kitchen design.


Tranquil Flower Series, Glazzio Tiles

If you are looking for a lovely mosaic design, Glazzio Tiles’ Tranquil Flower Series is for you!  The finished appearance of this design is classic with rustic touches.