Does your Connecticut home need a sleek update?  Stone inspired flooring from Karndean is effortlessly stylish and ideal for high-traffic areas!  Check out how versatile this flooring option is.

Stone Inspired Flooring

Knight Tile (T90 Carrara Marble); Karndean

Stone inspired flooring is the solution to your high-traffic areas.  Inspired by nature, Karndean’s natural stone effect tiles introduces the beauty of stone to your home.  Karndean’s wide range of stone inspired flooring includes travertine, slate, marble and limestone.  Stop by A. A. I. Flooring today to browse samples of stone inspired flooring for your Connecticut home!

Versatile Flooring

Art Select (LM03 Alderney Limestone); Karndean

Art Select (LM03 Alderney Limestone); Karndean

When you hear stone flooring, what do you think of?  Stone-inspired flooring is a very versatile flooring option that can give an elegant finish to your kitchen, bathroom, entryway, mud room and more.

Customized Details

Opus (SP212 Terra); Karndean

Customize your design with a contrasting grout strip!  Karndean’s Opus stone collection features earthy tones.  We love working with earth tones because they’re so versatile!  Add a bold color and make a new statement.