Is your kitchen design falling flat?  Add depth with textured tile design.  Currently, we’re loving Lunada Bay Tile’s gorgeous tiles for our kitchen backsplash projects; take a look.

Agate Taiko Verona Ribbed, Lunada Bay Tile

The Bachelor Pad

Create a sleek, impressive kitchen design for your Connecticut bachelor pad with tile.  We love the Luce 2-inch Hex Mettle tiles from Lunada Bay Tile.  Distinctive natural markings give this contemporary tile design the perfect modern touch.

Luce 2-inch Hex Mettle, Lunada Bay Tile

Reflect the Light

Metallic tiles are a great way to brighten up your space.  Does your kitchen need a bright pop?  This subtle addition will give your kitchen an entirely different feel.  Shown below are Lunada Bay’s Luce Feather Mineral Springs tiles, which we absolutely love.

Luce Feather Mineral Springs, Lunada Bay Tile

Natural Elements

Need a zen escape while you prep dinner?  Swap out your dated kitchen backsplash for a fresh take on bohemian style.  The Momen Basketweave tile in Katamala looks beautiful against stainless steel and would compliment hardwood floors wonderfully.

Momen Basketweave in Katamala, Lunada Bay Tile